We owe Dr. E more than words can explain. In April of 2018, we met Dr. E for a consult for a mommy make over. He required us to get a updated mammogram. Thank God he did. A pea sized cancer tumor was detected. Off to Moffitt cancer center. By Oct of 2018 we were cancer free. June of 2019 Dr E performed the 1st half of the mommy make over. The tummy tuck. The results were exactly as predicted. Amazing, I just returned from our annual cruise and I was wearing bathing suits smaller than I did in my 20s. The before and after photos are incredible. We just had our pre op appoint for the 2 nd half of mommy make over, breast lift and augmentation. The predicted pictures look amazing just like the tummy tuck pics. We are expecting and have no doubt the results will be the same. Dr. E and his staff are the best. All are extra friendly, knowledgeable, and very caring. They always have time for all questions, and we had a lot of them. We can’t say enough about Eberbach plastic surgery. We show everyone we see the before and after pics and recommend Eberbach to them all. The most common comment is “ is that the same woman ?”
Self esteem and confidence are off the chart

Thank You Dr E and all his staff !