Had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Eberbach on 7/21/21. My entire experience from start to now has been nothing short of amazing! I dealt with Leah in the beginning she is amazing, so patient, and helpful. Dr. Eberbach is very skilled, and i could tell immediately he was the doctor for me. I had full confidence after meeting him. I had done 2 or 3 other consults prior to meeting him and picked him. I scheduled initially but had to cancel due to a covid issue and Leah got me back in and scheduled with a date that worked. I have anxiety so I was dealing with that as well when it came to doing the surgery but thankfully Dr. Eberbach prescribed valium which was so helpful. I took one the night before which helped so much with being able to sleep and not be up all night with anxiety, and then I had some as well for spasms in the beginning. It helped so much. As much anxiety as I had built up around surgery day it was actually quite easy. They made everything a calm and relaxed experience. The OR nurses were amazing, the anesthesia doc was great, I had zero issues following being put under, no pain in my throat which I have heard of. LeAnn who was my primary nurse for pre op and post op was fantastic as well! I had one issue with a muscle spasm following surgery about a week out and I wasn’t sure what was happening. It was a weekend and I left a VM for the doc he got back to me SOO fast, I sent him some pics to make sure all looked good still, and he assured me it was a spasm. I took my med for spasms and boom gone. Other than that healing process has been great! My incisions look great! I didn’t experience any of the issues I hear of women unable to bathe, wipe, or any of that following surgery. I was able to shower myself next day. The rapid recovery way that they do things def works. I’m almost 6 weeks and doing great! I had no bruising, or anything. Highly recommend Dr. Eberbach and his team!