I had gone to about 10 different doctors in the area for a consultation for breast augmentation and just didn’t “love” any of them. But from the moment I met Dr. Eberbach, I knew he HAD to be my surgeon. His approach was completely different from the other doctors; he listened to everything I had to say, asked me lots of questions about what I wanted (NOT what he thought I should have like some doctors did!) and he went through tons of pictures with me so he could get a firm understanding of what I liked. I cannot tell you how much more comfortable I felt after this! I scheduled my appointment immediately. Dr. Eberbach and his staff are so incredibly attentive to their patients. They answered every single question or concern I had, and responded promptly to all of my emails and calls. Dr. E even personally called and texted me to check up on me after my surgery! This staff is like no other in the industry – so professional and kind. My results are AMAZING. Literally, they are better than I ever imagined. And the process was so easy. Sure, there was the normal discomfort and light pain, but the process that Dr.E and his staff follow ensures you are properly hydrated, medicated, and have all the right tools to get you healed and back to normal life as soon as possible. I recommend him to everyone! Just go for a consultation, and you will notice the difference right away 🙂