I am 8 weeks post op from an extended tummy tuck, muscle repair and lipo. The experience has been nothing but positive with both Dr Eberbach and his staff. From the minute l met Dr Eberbach I knew he was the doctor for me. He was professional, caring, listened to my concerns and expectations regarding surgery, was openly honest and explained clearly what he could do with several different surgery options. As a 56 year old registered nurse, mom and grandma I just wanted to look good in jeans and told him that! I have had a flap of skin on my abdomen that has bothered me for 20 years. Oversized shirts, baggy clothes and leggings were my wardrobe. Dr Eberbach’s surgery has changed my life. I am more confident, proud of the way l look and wearing jeans! His staff was always available to answer my phone calls and many questions. I would do the surgery again in a flash and the only one l would implicitly trust is Dr Eberbach. He performed a miracle on the outside but little did he know he changed me even more on the inside. Thank you Dr Eberbach!