Facial Fat Grafting Tampa Bay, Florida

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Facial Fat Grafting is becoming more and more popular. Most people who think they may need a facelift, might only need facial fat grafting instead. As we age, our faces lose volume. A way to restore that volume is through facial fat grafting. It is done by harvesting fat via liposuction from the abdomen, and then re-injecting it into the face. This fat can be implanted to the lips, the nasolabial folds (the folds from the corners of your mouth to your nose), is also great to use as a filler under the lower eyelids, the cheeks and other parts of your face. It is minimally invasive and can help correct problems such as acne scars and restore a youthful look to an aging face. This can now also be done under a more local sedation rather than using general anesthesia.

As an injectable filler, your own fat is almost perfect. It is soft and feels natural, it does not cause immune problems, and you already have some! The fat is harvested from some other spot on your body, such as you abdomen, and can be a by-product, if you will, of liposuction.

The main downside to fat grafting is that your body tends to absorb it at least to some degree. The amount of fat that is implanted and then absorbed by your body varies.

Is it right for me?

To be a good candidate for facial fat grafting, you have to be in good health, not have any active diseases or pre-existing medical conditions, and must have realistic expectations of the outcome of this procedure. Fat grafting can make you look more youthful, but it will not change anything else about your life. If you think anything else will change, you don’t have realistic expectations.