In-House Financing

Thank you for your interest in our in house financing.

Please do note that at this time we are at our limit for the In House Financing service. Please check back to see when we will be accepting new IHF applications.

    I agree to the terms of use


    With our in house financing option, the patient must put 65% of the total procedure cost down and finance the balance for 12 months.

    • NO credit check
    • 0% interest
    • one time set up fee of 15.99% of the amount borrowed
    • proof of income for both patient and co-signer (2 recent pay-stubs)
    • co-signer required (must live in Florida and be available to sign required documents)
    • paperwork must be signed by patient and co-signer the day of pre-op
    • patient and co-signer must each have a credit or debit card on file