Brazilian Butt Lift


What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Eberbach Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer the Ultrasound Guided Brazilian Butt Lift to the Tampa Bay area. Do you want stunning curves with a beautiful round butt? The Brazilian butt lift might be for you! The  Brazilian butt lift, also known as the BBL, is a procedure that has grown in popularity over the past few years. The Brazilian butt lift combines two plastic surgery procedures, liposuction and fat transfer. This procedure gives you a snatched waist and  enlarged and rounded buttocks while simultaneously removing stubborn  problem areas of fat. During this procedure, fat is removed using power assisted liposuction from areas where you have both enough fat and good skin elasticity for fat removal. The most common areas for fat removal are the abdomen, hips and back. This fat is then processed and gently re-injected into strategic areas of the buttocks and hips to create a fuller, more shapely buttock contour.


What Sets Us Apart?  

Skill- Dr. Tamer was trained by some of the top surgeons who use the most advanced methods and cutting-edge techniques for BBL body contouring. Although new to our office, Dr. Tamer has had many years of experience with the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure on both men and women.

Safety-At Eberbach Plastic Surgery, safety is always our top concern. We are one of the few facilities in Tampa Bay that uses ultrasound guidance for every BBL.

Natural Results-Let’s face it, we have all seen that girl with that huge oval butt on flamingo legs that just looks weird. Have no fear, at Eberbach Plastic Surgery we strive to deliver a naturally beautiful contour and profile. Unlike a butt implant, the BBL delivers a softer more natural looking butt with less downtime.

Our own private facility– No need to go to the hospital. Our facility opened in 1996,  and is one of the few facilities certified by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, or AAAASF.

Modern, comfortable and located conveniently on US Highway 19 in Hudson, our office includes a private operating suite, where most cosmetic surgery is performed.  Patients can enjoy the convenience of having surgery and recovering in privacy before returning home the very same day.


What is Recovery Like?

Recovery for a BBL is much shorter than a butt implant recovery. Immediately after the procedure, it is common to experience bruising and swelling that can last for several days to weeks. There may also be an initial feeling of numbness which will subside over time. Although some patients only need Tylenol, Dr. Tamer will prescribe pain medication to help with discomfort after the procedure. The first few days, most patients alternate between resting and taking short walks. Most patients with a “desk job” will return to work after a few days. Strenuous activity, such as the gym, can resume after 6 weeks.


Schedule a Free Consultation

Eberbach Plastic Surgery has been serving the Pasco and Tampa Bay area since 1996. If you’re interested in learning more about BBL, contact our office at (727) 868 -4490 to schedule your private and complimentary consultation today! We have an album of photos showing Dr. Tamer’s work, including before and after photos of the BBL. Dr. Tamer can’t wait to meet you to help you achieve your dream result!