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The Ultimate Gift for Summer FREE with Purchase! (While supplies last)


ZO Stimulating peel facial

-Purchase a series of 3 for $225 and get a Free ZO Beach Towel, Sun Hat and travel Foamacleanse!

A great facial with a “lunch time” peel that gives your face a refreshing glow without the down time of a deeper peel. This treatment can be done as often as once a week.

ZO Intense peel

-Purchase this peel with the pre care kit for $380 and get a Free ZO Tote bag, Beach towel and travel Foamacleanse.


-Purchase 2 peels with the pre conditioning kit for $540 and receive a Free ZO Tote, Beach towel and travel Foamacleanse and Oclipse Tinted Sunscreen & Primer


This intense peel requires pre conditioning products for skin safety and maximum results and is especially geared to help lighten dark spots and smooth away fine lines.

Environ Body Special


Kit includes Environ DermaRoller. Derma-Lac lotion and FREE Vitamin Moisturizer $167



 Spa Packages

Mini Getaway

Enjoy a mini back treatment followed by a mini facial that will leave you feeling rested and refreshed. This is a great midday pick-me-up!
60 mins – $65

All Wrapped Up

Treat your skin to all over refreshment with a Sugar Scrub of your choice, our extra hydrating Oil Body Wrap and a mini facial. Your skin will thank you!
90 mins – $117

Queen for the Day

Start with a Sugar Scrub of your choice, followed by a 60 minute relaxation massage, signature facial and hydrating foot mask.
180 mins – $180

King for the Day

Begins with a 60 minute deep tissue massage and is followed by a Gentleman’s Facial and a hand and foot exfoliation treatment.
150 mins – $140